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With influences that include legendary recording artists and performers the likes of B.I.G, Pun, The Game, and Wu Tang Clan rising BX rapper Ma$erati Money is slowly dotting all his i's and crossing his T's as he works his way into the conversation of promising NYC based acts. Add to his list of motivation, the hand that life has dealt may arguably be the most inspiring. Wheelchair bound as result of a Spina Bifida diagnosis, Ma$erati Money has asked for no sympathy or special consideration only an ear to his music. One of the hardest working MCs on the circuit he is a staple at renowned Hip Hop venues citywide where he can be found networking, pushing his music or acquiring supporters.



Introduced to the culture and music of Hip Hop by older family members whose love affair with the art date back to the essence of jams in the park, DJ battles, and break-dancing, Ma$erati Money was attracted to the lyrical expression, as well as the way that Hip Hop has served to galvanize an entire human race. 




"Music has always come naturally. Beginning at an early age I would play around with melodies in his mind, and re-make some of his favorite songs, sharing his version with whomever would listen. At the age of 13 I no longer had to borrow flows, he had developed his own way with a mic, and the plight had begun.  I visited a  studio for the first time, and fell in love with the work ethic as well as the time that went into making a hit record.  I remember walking in the studio and seeing the boards, it looked just like I had seen in magazines. it was overwhelming. At that moment, I knew that this was with I wanted to do with my life. "



                                                                                                 - Ma$erati Money



In recent times, Ma$erati Money has released a documentary titled, Ma$erati Money Beyond Belief (Spring 2017) which provided an in depth look at his journey and artistry. Shot by Cane Green Films, the visual takes you to his native St Mary's Projects on Jackson Avenue and Highbridge Gardens Projects on University Avenue. Musically Ma$erati has released new singles Drop Featuring Teddy Grahams and Kony Brooks as well as  I Love It Featuring Diipps in addition to Must Be The Money Produced by k3yz$trumentals. Ma$erati Money continues to work on his new project Ma$erati Money: Beyond Belief (The Ablum) while promoting his feature in issue 2 of Lavish Life Magazine.



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